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Capture the attention of your visitors

Competition on the Internet has never been more fierce. A simple search on google can show your business along with many others. If it is not highlighted by an appropriate design, it is likely that your target audience will go to one of the many competitors that appear in the same search results. You have to demonstrate unique values ​​of your company: how your products are superior to those of the competition, your incredible customer service, your unparalleled offers, or any other competitive advantage you may have over others in your sector. Make sure that this unique value is clearly communicated on your home or landing page and in a direct and concise manner.

Define your target audience

If your company lacks a large advertising budget and the experience of a marketing agency that manages your account, you may not be able to compete against large companies. The best thing is not to lose your budget in an attempt to dethrone a great competitor. Instead, it is best to better define some specific terms that relate to your products and services and that are sufficiently attractive to your customers. With a little effort, your website can also be positioned very well with specific and local keywords.

Create useful content

The deep knowledge of your business and your sector is a valuable asset and of interest to your target audience. Turn this knowledge into help to guide your audience and publish it on your website. The content that is published on your website must also include the keywords. It is not enough to create a page with the objective of positioning it for a keyword. Instead, create attractive content that is of interest and also place those keywords.

Integrate social networks

Small businesses that have established social networking communities around their brand are much more likely to generate trust compared to companies that do not use integration in social networks. Integrating communication and feedback systems in social networks also provides added value for customer service and gives users another method to reach and get in touch with your company.

That calls to action are clear

Regardless of whether the objective of a small online business is to get customers to buy a product, get them to sign up to a mailing list (newsletter) or call to request a budget, it is essential to have well-written calls to action , in the right place, that attract enough attention and are carried out quickly.

Once the content of your website is perfect and worth reading, make sure that this content is linked to each other effectively so that people most likely to explore everything have it easy. Descriptions of how your small business works, the history of your company where your experience in the sector is shown, the biography of its founder, etc. and the links to access these sections must be grouped so that we are sure that all of them are going to be read.

Humanize your business

Establish the credibility of your business. Let your users see the insides of your company and let them savor your business philosophy. Show them the passion that your employees have for their work and demonstrate their experience. Video is a great medium to highlight the personality of your company.

Be accessible

Most customers feel more comfortable communicating with small businesses over the phone and not through the Internet. Make sure that your phone number and other forms of personal contact are prominent in your web page so that users know that you are easily accessible in case they have any questions or comments to make. Make sure your customer service staff is also accessible and quality and that customers can count on real people to answer their questions.

Emphasize your location

Add your physical address to your company at the bottom of the page and put it on location-based sites like Yelp. It should also be added to the local search list on Google and Bing. This will help you build credibility and make users visit your store or physical space if necessary.

Have testimonials from clients

One of the best ways for the public to know that you have a credible business and that they can trust you is to provide several compelling customer testimonials. Another great option that will add even more credibility is to add video testimonials so that your audience can see their testimonies face to face.

Show Transparency To Users

The user likes transparency. Let your visitors see processes, problems, solutions and online results of your business. Providing real evidence of what your small business has done for some clients can help other potential customers decide for you.