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Strategy for a Blog: Drive traffic to your web page

A blog is a free space on your website that allows you to interact with your visitors. It allows potential clients to naturally become familiar with the image of a company in relation to its sector. If you renew contents and there is a regular production you will not only show that you are an opinion leader in your sector, but the numerous visits will increase the ranking of your website in the search engines, with the logical benefits that this entails.

Enter your business in the world

There are probably millions of people who do not know your company unless you are one of the 500 most important companies in the world. A business blog is an excellent vehicle to introduce yourself. Talk about your products and services and explain what sets you apart from the competition. But do not do it from an excessively commercial point of view. It is essential that a blog is informative and offers the reader what he or she wants. If you offer your visitors the information they are looking for, they will probably consider your company as one of the leaders in your sector.An example, I search the internet to make a tie knot and read an article in the blog of the magazine FHM. After reading a little more of his articles, I naturally started buying that magazine. Without pay per click marketing, I became a consumer who trusts what the magazine offers. Then I sent this link to my friends and colleagues (imagine the expansion). The blog can be one of the easiest ways to create recognition and loyalty to the brand and consequently generate sales.

Make them consider you an expert

If you have or are going to start a business, you will probably gather a lot of knowledge about it. A blog gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that knowledge. In this way, you generate your visitors confidence in your abilities and probably convert them into customers. You can also talk about your sector, summarize the latest news and fearlessly fear, link to relevant articles. Even if you send them out of your website, visitors will not forget the service you have rendered them

Give your company personality

Companies can be monoliths. A blog is an excellent tool to put a human face to your business. Passionate articles of workers make a more enthusiastic and accessible company; that speak of the company culture generate a sense of closeness and transparency. As in the "real world", people do business with people with whom they feel comfortable.

Meet your reader

Successful marketing campaigns are focused on the customer. Test content on the blog to find out what interests your readers. Articles with more opening clicks and more reading time will allow you to fine-tune the content of the blog and most importantly, what services to offer. Often, companies find that their readers belong to a specific (and sometimes unexpected) subgroup. Talking about related topics for this subgroup can be effective; Do not be afraid to try risky items. Stretch without fear what is considered "related to" in order to increase the coverage and reach of your blog to new readers.

Improve your search engine ranking

Search engines usually like the same things as Internet users. There are several ways in which a blog that is inside your web page can help improve your position in the search engines:

  • Generate fresh content: search engines pay more attention to web pages that update their content more frequently and on a regular basis. (Google considers an "updated" article if 300 words are added or changed.)
  • Have relevant content: the most searched and most consulted content on your website is perceived as relevant for search engines and improves positioning
  • Share content: An important factor for search engine ranking is how many relevant web pages are linking your content. Try to generate good enough content so that others can link them